The Best Types of Ceiling Designs for Offices
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The Best Types of Ceiling Designs for Offices

Ceilings are what make a design used to decorate an office be noticed. The type of ceiling installed in an office can make the interior décor chic or

Below are the best type’s ceilings that you can use for an office:

Acoustic Ceiling in Offices

This can be used to minimize noise because of its ability to absorb sound in-open a planning office. The transfer of sound is limited to unwanted areas in the office. They can provide adequate balance to employees while concentrating on their discussion without distracting one another. The acoustic ceiling in offices are classified into different types which include;

  • Acoustic ceiling grids
  • Open-cell suspend ceiling
  • Dropped ceiling
  • Suspended ceiling

Gypsum Ceiling in Offices

Gypsum board is also known as flush plaster. It can be used to bring out a clean simple and elegant finish onto your ceiling. In offices, it is highly recommended because they are economical and easy to install. The labor cost involved is lower than alternative ceilings. Their continuous surfaces make it very contemporary for almost all interior designs which also isolate sound perfectly in an office.

The Best Types of Ceiling Designs for Offices

When it comes to protection, don’t worry as the gypsum board is incombustible. Gypsums are highly considered due to its durability and dimension stability. The surface can be easily decorated and molded into different shapes.

Wood/ Timber Clad Ceiling in offices

When you need warmth in the office then you should consider a wood ceiling as the only option. They bring the beauty of nature when used in high-end finishes. Use natural wood to bring out sophistication and elegance. Wood ceilings are treasured for being great thermal and with good sound insulation.

The maintenance cost of wood is almost zero. The office needs more light and the use of wood with some colorful shade might be just what you need. For wood you have a variety to choose from, you can decide to do real timber, hardwood, and mahogany.

Wallpaper and Paint On Ceiling in Offices

You can customize the wallpaper with the color of the ceiling and walls of the office. Find wallpaper that speaks out your design and the theme of the office. The plain ceiling may be boring and make the office dull. You can incorporate the sky theme onto the ceiling to bring out the sky ambiance in your office. Mix and match paint with extended or patterned wallpaper in the office.

Polyvinyl Chloride Ceiling in Offices

These are commonly used because they come in different forms. Polyvinyl chloride ceilings are cost-effective, hygienic, and easy to install. The best thing about polyvinyl chloride ceiling once installed you will not need further finishing. Since these types of ceilings are many, the most recommended one is the heavy plasticized polyvinyl chloride ceiling. It is because they are very durable.

One More Thing

Before you settle on any ceiling for your office, you should first do a background check on the type of material used to make it. It is also advisable to contact contractors with whom you can discuss your ceiling options.

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